darkroom retreat

deep rest for the self-healing psyche

a complete manual

Hygienic darkroom retreating consists of resting in an absolutely dark room for days. Why do this? To restore conditions of psychological balance, giving refuge from the constant sensory malstimulation of civilized existence.

This seemingly trivial contrast can lead to a remarkable and lasting restoration of your well-being, making the darkroom a powerful tool.

The book explains everything about why a retreat works, how to do it, and how to make a darkroom. It includes easy steps to attain some of these effects in your own home.

toward a Natural Hygienic psychology

Neither spiritual nor disciplined, therapeutic nor medicinal, this is the first approach to darkness—and psychology—based in Natural Hygiene. History’s most influential approach to health, Hygiene gave the modern world appreciation for frequent bathing, fresh air, regular exercise, and pure food.

Natural Hygiene recognizes the radically self-preserving organism and provides it with such normal conditions of life. It has long succeeded in caring for the self-healing body. With darkness, Hygiene now has an equally effective way of caring for the self-healing psyche.

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